Sunday, 03 October 2010Posted by Whyves

I have been very quiet for the last few weeks. So, I decided to break radio silence and let you in on what I’m actually working on. I’m currently working on creating my own Captivate Widget API that will be called CpGears. As you read this, I’m sure that one question will come to mind: “Why are you doing this? Tristan already created his very good WidgetFactory API”  Well, that’s true; Tristan did an amazing job with his API but I want to do mine for specific reasons:

  • Personal challenge and accomplishment
  • Tristan wants his API to be accessible to developers of every caliber while I want mine targetted to more advanced users.
  • Having more than one option is always a good thing. Just take  a look at all the similar AS3 libraries out there.

I’m almost done with the Static widget and I will soon start working on the other two types: Interactive and Question. Some of the things that I’m adding with my API are:

  • A logger interface so you can log and trace messages from your widgets.
  • A different way for handling the widget flow/lifecycle.
  • A more object oriented approach to accessing the widget data. I don’t like the CpMovieHandle, CpSlideHandle, CpSlideProperties and other native widget classes. So, I offer a more structured interface for accessing that data.

The API will be developed under a MIT Open Source License and be hosted on Google Code. In order to make sure that I don’t directly compete with Tristan and his API, I will make mine only Cp5 compatible so people that want to develop widgets for both the Cp4 and Cp5 plateforms will still have to rely on Widget Factory. By the way, Tristan is aware of this and we have discussed that a few months ago.

So, come back and visit us in 2 or 3 weeks.  I’m actually advancing at a turtle pace since I don’t have that much free time on my hands.

14 Responses to “Announcing CpGears”

  1. Fran Says:

    Need a Beta tester???? :-)

  2. Whyves Says:


    Sure! But like I said, it can be a few days/weeks before I get something “usable”. I will make sure you are notified when I move it to Google Code.

  3. Tristan Says:

    Cool Wyves,

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  4. Jim Leichliter Says:

    Looking forward to this in a big way! I’d be happy to test as well and re-write some of my widgets on your platform. Awesome!

  5. Whyves Says:

    Thanks guys!

    Will let you know as soon as I can. Maybe it will be earier than I thought … I feel some positive pressure :-)

  6. Michael Lund Says:

    Just saw this post Whyves and it is very interesting indeed. I’ll be more than happy to help you test the API when you are ready ;o)


  7. Andre Says:

    Glad about this Whyves! Burn those candles. =)

  8. jjl Says:

    Im greatly anticipating this release.. I noticed talk of logging system and trace messages section have you tried De Monster Debugger its an air app that ive found very usfull in my developments. It even traces when inside an LMS

  9. jjl Says:

    of course you have you created it lol

  10. Whyves Says:

    Hi jjl,

    Thanks but I did not created the De Monster Debugger. I merely created a widget that uses it :-)


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