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Friday, 01 July 2011Posted by Whyves

The CpXray Widget has been updated to work in conjunction with the DeMonster Debugger 3. This new version of the widget is now based on CpGears and is also working in both Captivate 5 and 5.5 (I realized lately that CpXray was not functioning under Captivate 5.5).

DeMonster 3 has some nice improvements over the last version and it seems a lot more stable and fast. So have fun debugging your widgets with CpXray and DeMonster Debugger!

Sunday, 26 June 2011Posted by Whyves

After a lot of efforts and some major headaches too, I have finally released the Jumbled Words Widget that I briefly previewed to you a few weeks ago. There are a lot of customization options available so the widget can most likely fit all your requirements.

Jumbled Words is a nice and funny game where a user has to discover a word or sentence from a pile of jumbled letters. The nice part is that the game is packaged as a widget thus enabling you to reuse it all over you courses without ever having to recompile a flash file.

If you like the widget and are among the first 5 buyers, you can get a 30% off by entering the promo code FIRSTBUYERS. If you are not among the first 5 buyers, then make sure to watch the demo until the very end and answer the questions properly :-)

You can find more information here or experiment with the demo.

Friday, 03 June 2011Posted by Whyves

In my previous post on Captivate Interactions in the making, I mentioned that my next widget was going to be a Hangman type of game. Well, I haven’t finished my Jumbled Word widget yet but since both games are going to use the same engine, I decided to tackle them in parallel.

I think that hangman games are great interactions in a course but I didn’t want to show the typical stick figure being drawn one part at a time; I wanted something more related to the eLearning field. So I got a graphic artist to create some cool sequences for the game. Personally, I like the end results a lot but I will let you be the judge on this. I couldn’t resist showing you a preview of the Widget so here it is! I’m really looking forward hearing from you on this one. Just make sure that you at least try the game and fail at all the attempts to see the grand finale. Wait a second or two when you miss a letter before trying another one and to restart the game: reload the web page (for the moment).

For those that follow me, I think you can win the game without even missing a letter :-)

Have fun!

Monday, 23 May 2011Posted by Whyves

Someone brought to my attention a small limitation of the Youtube widget. Youtube allows some special characters in its ID and I was only allowing alphanumeric characters. So, I have corrected this small issue and the Edit view should now allow entering all the legal characters of a youtube video ID. You can get the Youtube Widget for free here.

Monday, 09 May 2011Posted by Whyves

While reading the eLearning Today, I  stumbled on an article that was mentioning sites that teachers can use to build puzzles/games and interactions for their courses. Sure, these are great resources but you always have to go back to the tools/web sites to create your interaction with a different content and then insert it in your Captivate course. Everybody should know by now that Captivate Widgets are great for building interactivity directly in Captivate. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of great games that can be used and customized directly in Captivate. With that in mind, I just decided to let you in on a little secret … I’m currently building some small typical games as widgets.

My first attempt is a rewrite of the Jumbled Words widget. A while ago, I rewrote the old AS2 version in AS3 so it could be used in Cp5. It’s free and still here if you are interested. However, this game is very limited and doesn’t have nice graphics. So, I rewrote it from scratch and added a lot of new features. For example, You can now use many words, you can give away some letters and you can reject the letter if it is not dropped in the proper location. On top of that, almost everything is customizable: the padding between the letters, words and lines, the size of the game and every graphic in it plus much more. My next game will be a hangman type of game.

This is a sneak peek of my engine so try to discover this catch phrase :-) If you have ideas of features for the Jumbled Words game or if you want to give me your impressions, just let me know through the comments.

Sunday, 08 May 2011Posted by Whyves

A little while ago, an eLearning developer contacted me about the Playbar Lock Widget. He had bought the widget and liked it but it was lacking a crucial functionality for him: the capability to lock the TOC. He was able to lock the TOC on the first slide and unlock it on the last slide by setting the cpLockTOC variable but once unlocked, the TOC would be locked again if the learner navigated back to the first page. So, instead of trying to figure out the required advanced actions that could solve the issue, he decided to sponsor the new feature. By sponsoring a feature, a customer takes upon himself to pay for the development of the feature but offers it as upgrade to the product. So, Richard Beale, an indepedent E-Learning developer, offers to the current and future customers of the Playbar Lock Widget, the added capability to lock the TOC. All the current customers should receive an e-mail with the reactivated download link shortly but if you are a customer and didn’t get any e-mail, you can always contact me directly.

For those of you that are in need of an E-Learning developer, here are Richard’s coordinates:

Richard Beale, Independent E-Learning Developer
richard.beale “at”

Thanks Richard for your contribution!

Friday, 01 April 2011Posted by Whyves

I have a widget that I worked on while developing CpGears. It laid dormant for a while and lately I finished working on it. The widget is called the Playbar Lock Widget and as its name indicates, it locks the playbar from going forward. So, a learner will not be able to use the next page button or the progress bar to advance in the lesson. However, the entire functionality will return once the presentation reaches the last page.

The widget also tracks the last page visited by the user and if the user goes backward, the next page button will reappear until the user goes back to the last visited page. The nice part is that the widget functionality works also with a LMS. The widget will use the status of the lesson stored in the LMS to enable or disable the next page button and the progress bar.

You can find more information here or experiment with the demo.

Sunday, 27 March 2011Posted by Whyves

At the last Adobe Learning Summit, I attended Josh Cavalier’s presentation on Captivate for mobile. It was a very good and entertaining presentation. Josh presented examples of Captivate courses built for his mobile. It was clear that the standard playbar and controls were not meant for the mobile world and Josh said quite a few times that you would need to build a widget for doing this or that. At some point, the subject of gesture recognition was brought forth and many wished that Captivate would include this in a future release. Well, that was enough to trigger my interest and I looked around to find a free/open source gesture API. Of course the Flash Player 10.1 has some but I wanted to find something quick and easy. I found such an API from It’s a very easy and nice API, just enough for experimenting.

So, I used this API to create a widget that would recognize the standard gestures to switch page. It’s not bullet proof but here’s my first draft at it. You can change the page by dragging your mouse/finger to the left or to the right.

If you want the widget, you can get it HERE.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011Posted by Whyves

Have you ever tried to get a course completion status from inside Captivate because you wanted your widget to behave differently depending on if the course was completed or not? Some people are accessing the SCORM API from javascript to achieve that but there’s also a way to get it directly from within Captivate. It’s really simple. The Main Captivate movie (CaptivateMainTimeline) has a public variable called “quizPlaybackController“. This gives you in turn access to a property called “totalQuizCompleted“. This property will either be set to “completed” or “incomplete“. So, if you want to know the status of the course, just read this last property.

In CpGears, just type the following lines of code to get the course status:

import cpgears.helpers.DisplayObjectUtil;

var mainTimeline:MovieClip = DisplayObjectUtil.findParentByType(this, "CaptivateMainTimeline") as MovieClip;
var playbackController:Object = mainTimeline.quizPlaybackController;

if (playbackController != null && playbackController.totalQuizCompleted == "completed") {

If you are not using CpGears, the CaptivateMainTimeline movieclip can usually be found by typing “this.root.parent.root”

If you want to see more tips and tricks, then just make sure you attend my session at the Adobe Learning Summit … I’ll be speaking there and presenting a lot of tips and tricks about widget!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010Posted by Whyves

A while ago, I talked about injecting some life into Captivate quizzes. Well, after being side-tracked long enough, I finally put more time into it and I am almost done. I added most of the expected quiz behaviors and replaced the feedback mechanism with something that  I think is nicer … but I want you to be the judge of this. So, complete the quiz and review your answers at the end.

With this widget, you’ll be able to customize the colors and transparency of the highlight and the font face/size/color. I will also add a few more options like shuffling before releasing it officially. So have a look and let me know what you think!