Sunday, 27 February 2011Posted by Whyves

Well, I guess it has been long enough since I last promised I would release CpGears. In fact, CpGears has always been available on Google Code but it never had any documentation showing how to use it. Today, I spent a big portion of my day writing articles on how to use  CpGears.

So, the Wiki section contains an Article showing you how to create a Static Widget in CpGears and another one on how to use its logging mechanism. In the Downloads section, you can find the CpGears SWC component as well as a demo project for a Static Widget.

Finally, for the brave ones, I also published the CpGears API.

CpGears is in essence functional but keep in mind that it’s still under development and that it may have a few bugs here and there. I have tried it on many widgets I built in the last few months and I think that the workflow is solid.

If you have questions or suggestions, please make sure to post them here or on the Google Site. That will be the only way the API will progress and be useful to more and more developers.

Looking forward to you comments!

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