Wednesday, 17 November 2010Posted by Whyves

As mentioned in my previous post, in order to test the static component of CpGears, I created a small widget that I call the “Image Zoom”. It’s a Captivate 5 widget that creates a thumbnail from an image and displays it full size when clicked on. This is very useful when you want to save real estate like in a quiz. I have build a small demo that showcase its capabilities.

Now, I decided to put it on sale since I did spend a little bit of time fine tuning it. The use of the widget is fairly intuitive but I must admit that I did not yet create a page for it with all the explanations on how to install it and how to configure it. So, since I’m ashamed of myself I decided to cut down the price until I write all the documentations. I was thinking of selling the widget for about $10 but I will cut the price to $5 for those who read this blog!

In order to claim the special, when buying, just use the code: MISSINGDOC

Addemdum: The page has now been created here. So sorry but the special has now ended.

Have fun!

15 Responses to “Image Zoom Widget”

  1. Whyves Says:

    Wow, just a few minutes after I posted my widget I got a sale from Australia (thanks Tim!). So, just to make sure that users can actually use it without having too much problem. Here’s a small procedure:

    1) Insert an image on the slide and give it a name. Make sure that the image is not completely off the slide. I also set the visibility of the image to false (unchecked).

    2) Insert the widget and for the name parameter, just put the name that you gave to the image in step 1)

    Voilà, you should be able to use the widget now. Don`t worry, I will keep the discount until I actually write a good documentation about it :-)


  2. Rod Ward Says:

    Excellent work Yves! I like this widget a lot and can see many uses for it. Well done.

  3. wheat Says:

    Very nice, Whyves. I like this a lot.

  4. Whyves Says:

    @Rob, wheat,

    Thanks guys! I’m curious too see how people will use it. That’s the problem with selling widgets, you don’t really get to see how people have used it.


  5. Jenn Says:

    I love this idea and have a couple of spots where I already think it could be used. Is this compatible with Captivate 5 only?

  6. Whyves Says:

    Hi Jen,

    Yes, the widget is only compatible with Cp5. Are you asking because you work on Cp4?


  7. Jenn Says:

    Yes, we are still working in CP 4…would love to upgrade to CS5 e-Learning, but I am not sure we have a strong enough business case for the upgrade yet.

  8. James Anderson Says:

    Hi Yves,

    love the idea behind this widget, and I can see lots and lots of uses for it in my work. One little point of frustration for me though – as I’ve played with the widget, it seems that the thumbnail produced doesn’t maintain the transparency of the image? Is that right, or am I doing something wrong?

  9. Whyves Says:

    Hi James,

    You have an eye for trouble :-) This is something I never through about testing! I’m ashamed of myself … The fix is relatively easy. I will correct it and send the update to everyone. Now that you opened Pandora’s box, are you expecting the full image to also show the transparency?


  10. James Anderson Says:

    Hi Yves,

    I suppose transparency in the full image would help… not sure how it would look on top of a mouse shield with a moderate alpha. Perhaps set a back ground color for the full image?

    But if you could make the widget serve a beer to the programer, that would be AWSOME! :-)


  11. Whyves Says:

    Hi James,

    I believe that’s what I will end up doing. The transparency for the thumbnail but the background color for the full image (just like it is right now – white).

    As for the beer, I did try but it looks like it’s a severe limitation in the Captivate Widget API. Maybe you can make a request to Adobe to include that in Cp6? I’m sure we’ll get a lot of supporters for that :-)

    Thanks for finding the bug and letting me know!


  12. Leticia Ruiz Says:

    Hi, I have purchased your image-zoom widget; i like it very much. Although, I do have a question:

    How can I pause the movie when the zoomed image is visible?

    Thank you,


  13. Napoleon Says:

    Hi. Do you have a try it before to buy option?. I need to know if the widget lets to show different pictures, not the same as your demo … and if I can to make click not on a thumbnail but in a click area … Thanks.

  14. Justin Says:

    Hi Whyves,

    I’ve been using this widget in cap 5, with great success, the company has moved us to cap 6 and the widget now does not seem to work correctly. Is there any update to this??? Really want this to work.



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