An Interactive Label is a Captivate Widget aiming at highlighting important areas of an image or slide. It consists in a discrete button made to attract the user’s attention. When the user moves his/her mouse over the button, the widget displays a label containing a short text. If the user clicks on the button, the label expands to show a more complete description.

This type of widget is perfect for letting a user explore the different sections of an image at their own pace. It can be used to introduce a subject or, at the opposite, as a mean for reviewing the different concepts that were just presented. The widget is very versatile and you can explore its powerful features by interacting with this online demo.

If, after seeing the demo, you are interested to know more about the widget, you can browse these different sections:

You can buy the widget under 3 different type of licenses. The first and less expensive license is the “Single Developer License” ($19.95) which grants a single developer the right to use the widget. If the widget will be used by more than 5 developers, then the “Site License” ($100.00) would be more appropriate as it enables a company to give the widget to all their developers as long as they are located in the same site/building. In the case where your company has developers located in many sites/buildings across the world then the “Extended Site License” ($250.00) is for you. It will enable you to give a copy of the widget to any developer that works for you.

If you wish to redistribute the widget in a template that you provide to a customer, you and your customer will need to buy the appropriate license. However, the “Extended Site License” also grants you the right to redistribute the widget in templates provided to your customers thus avoiding your customer to pay for the widget license.

You do not have the right to directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide for free the Jumbled Words Widget or offer to do any of these things (all of which are referred to as Resale).

29 Responses to “Interactive Label Widget”

  1. David Jumeau Says:

    That is sweet! Very flexible too!


  2. Jim Leichliter Says:

    This is a great widget. I like that it has a variety of style options and that I can even define my own styles. I can even change the button graphic! It’s well worth the price! I hope you create more widgets like this!

  3. Michael Lund Says:

    Excellent Widget and very well executed. I can see many areas where this widget can be used. Also the styles and customizability makes it possible to use it again and again.

    I hope that you will get a lot of sales with this one ;o)


  4. wheat Says:

    Nice work. I can see a lot of use for this one. This is a good idea and, from what I see in the demo, very nicely executed. Can’t wait to give it a spin.

  5. Whyves Says:

    Thanks a lot for the comments guys! It’s always nice to hear positive comments about your work. It is my hope that I was able to put together something useful for content developers. If it takes up, I will augment the feature set based on the user comments. If you have suggestions, please let me know!

    In the mean time, I already have another idea in the back of my mind for a new widget …

  6. Shameer Ayyappan Says:

    Really well executed widget! Loved the fact that you’ve considered and covered pretty much all possible usecases with this widget.

  7. Whyves Says:

    Thanks Shameer!

    As people use it, I’m sure that other use cases will come up. David Jumeau mentionned one to me today. He suggested putting some type of checkmark beside the title to indicate that the user visited the widget. This information could be used in Avanced Action to track user progress and guide him into a path. He even suggested using “Shared Objects” to store the information so it is available the next time the presentation is run. This is a really interesting view on what the widget could evolve to.

  8. Mark Fletcher Says:

    Great Widget but is it compatible with Adobe Captivate 5 yet?

  9. Whyves Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks. I tried the widget on Cp5 and there are some small issues with the properties dialog. The new default dimensions for the properties window are too small so you cannot customize the widget. I need to implement the new widget API methods to control the window size. It shouldn’t take me a long time to do and I will try to do it shortly.


  10. Vassilis Says:

    This is really a great widget, but unfortunately I didn’t see that it was for Captivate 4.0 and I already bought it. Is there an estimate about updating the widget for Captivate 5.0. And when it will be up I should buy it again? Again well done for a very fine job.!!

  11. Whyves Says:

    Hi Vassilis,

    Sorry about the confusion. I must admit what the fact that it’s only Cp4 compatible does not stand out enough. At the time I created this widget, Cp5 was not out yet. I’m overwhelmed with work but will try to port it very soon. When I start porting it, I will be in a better position to provide a more accurate estimate for its completion. And rest assure, the upgrade will be free … for everyone who bought the widget no matter when they did. I don’t have share holders that I need to keep happy with profits :-)


  12. Whyves Says:


    I have worked this week-end to release the Widget to the Cp5 platform. So, the widget now includes two versions: one for Cp4 and one for Cp5.


  13. Garry Says:

    Fantastic widget! This adds so much flexibility to Captivate courses.

    Here’s my top enhancement request – the ability to add an image to the popup!


  14. Whyves Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the feedback. I initially wanted to add image support but it was a little bit cumbersome since Captivate doesn’t allow to use images directly from the library. A user would have had to add the image to the stage and hide it. I thought it was too annoying.


  15. Napoleon Says:

    Does work this widget on question slides? Thanks.

  16. Whyves Says:

    Hi Napoleon,

    Unfortunately, interactive widgets cannot be added to question slides. You can only add static widgets to question slides.

  17. krissy.kv Says:

    Hi Whyves,
    It looks great widget from what I can make out from the demo movies. I downloaded the demo. But unfortunately the Widget Properties does not load properly. I presume, since you have this widget for Cp4 and Cp5, in the demo, though your site says both cp4 and cp5 are zipped together, there’s only one I can see after unzipping. And I presume, since I am using CP5 and the widget property does not work properly, its only cp4 version in the demo. Maybe I am wrong. Could you let me know why the demo is not workig (widget property box is not loading fully) in Cp5. Thanks in advance.

  18. Whyves Says:

    Hi Krissy,

    The trial version was created for Captivate 4. However, the version you will receive, if you buy it, will work for Captivate 5. If you like what you saw in the demo, the Cp5 version will allow you to do all that. If you are not sure about some capabilities, let me know.


  19. Jose Says:

    Hi! Will this work with Cp 5.5? Thanks.

  20. Whyves Says:

    Hi Jose,

    Yes, the widget works with Cp5.5.


  21. How Articulate Storyline Democratizes Development | Storyline Solutions Says:

    [...] Page Widget Interactive Label Widget Drag and Drop Interactive Hyperlink Widget Event Handle Widget Image Zoom Widget Pop up window [...]

  22. Stefano Says:

    Well done job!
    I’m planning to buy Cp6.
    Does the widget work with the latest version of Cp?

    How can I buy the widget?
    Thanks for you replies.

  23. Whyves Says:

    Hi Stefano,

    Thanks, I just tried it and it seems to workout. If you have issues with I let me know.

    You can buy it from this page:

    You will see a Buy Now button at the bottom of the page, just before the comments.

  24. John Says:


    Will the widget (wgt) work in Captivate 6? The trial version (swf) isn’t working for me. Definitely will buy if Captivate 6 is supported.


  25. Whyves Says:

    Hi John,

    Sorry, the widget does not work in Captivate 6.

  26. John Says:

    Hi Whyves,

    That’s a pitty. Any plans on updating?

  27. Tony Says:

    Hi Whyves,

    It’s awosome widget. When do you update the widget so it will more powerful?

  28. Chad Says:

    Hello! I just found your site today and these are some really cool widgets, especially this Interactive Label Widget. I tried using the trial version in a Cp 5 project, but the properties window appears to be broken and only allows me to change the Title and Text. I can’t access any tabs or other options either. See my screenshot below for reference….

  29. Chad Says:

    Okay, I just saw the comments from Feb 2012 above, and it appears that the trial version wasn’t working for Cp5 then, either. I’m hesitant to buy tyhis before I try it because I have a specific functionality I’m trying to achieve. Basically I’d like to create a modal popup caption with a close button and “mouse shield”, very much like the Image Zoom widget but with text caption instead of an image and a click box instead of a thumbnail. I can sort of manually create this in Cp5 using a lightbox layer/shape and advanced actions to show/hide/enable/disable other items, but it sure is a pain and creates a ton of clutter and work for a simple popup. I thought maybe I could get this widget to do something like that, but I guess I’ll keep looking. If anyone can point me in the direction of something like this, I’d appreciate it.